Terms and conditions

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The main Terms and Conditions regulating the process of cooperation between the avalongroupinvestment.com and Investors are specified in this section.

Each party is responsible for the strict implementation of all the prescribed terms throughout the period of cooperation. The Terms come into force from the moment of their publication in this section, they can be changed, adjusted, or supplemented by the representatives of the avalongroupinvestment.com at any moment without any additional notification to users of the site.

General Terms and Conditions

Registering at the avalongroupinvestment.com website and receiving the status of an "Investor" is available to any user of age who gives their consent to the implementation of all the prescribed conditions and terms of this section. Assigning the "Investor's" status to the user and providing open access to all the functions and tools of the avalongroupinvestment.com Company website occurs immediately after the successful registration. The avalongroupinvestment.com performs legal activity and possesses all the required registration documents. Legal information about the avalongroupinvestment.com activity is available for general public on the official website. Rights, Guarantees, and Responsibilities of the Company.

The avalongroupinvestment.com Company undertakes to distribute monetary assets acquired from the "Investor's" exclusively for the implementation of its activities in the field of mining. Full and timely accrual of profits to "Investor's" according to the chosen tariff package is guaranteed by the avalongroupinvestment.com. The avalongroupinvestment.com is not liable for possible technical malfunctions in the operation of electronic payment systems used by the "Investor" to deposit funds or replenish their balance on the avalongroupinvestment.com's website. Each performed transaction cannot be cancelled or invalidated.

The Company is not liable for transactions carried out incorrectly through the fault of the "Investor" and does not reimburse the lost money. The avalongroupinvestment.com is directly liable for preserving personal data of the "Investor's", providing its confidentiality and non-disclosure to third parties. Unauthorized use of textual and graphic content, authoring tools, ideas and developments posted on the avalongroupinvestment.com website on third-party resources is a violation of the Copyright Law. Responsibilities and Rights of the Investor.

While undergoing the registration procedure on the avalongroupinvestment.com website, the "Investor's" obliged to provide exclusively truthful and reliable information about oneself. Illegal actions on the part of the "Investor's" that have a harmful effect on the avalongroupinvestment.com website lead to the blocking of the "Investor's" account and all their funds. After registering, the "Investor" agrees to the procession of their personal data by the representatives of the avalongroupinvestment.com within the current legislative field.

Force Majeure Force majeure situations, which are not a consequence of the Company's fault, may serve as a reason for suspension of cooperation with the "Investor" for an indefinite period of time. Termination of Cooperation The initiative on termination of cooperation between the "Investor" and the avalongroupinvestment.com can be raised by either side. The avalongroupinvestment.com has the right to unilaterally terminate cooperation with the "Investor", if it detects violations of rules or fraudulent actions on their part. Disputable Situations Any disputable or conflict situations arising in the process of cooperation between the avalongroupinvestment.com. and the "Investor" are resolved during negotiations or according to the current legislation

Important Notice

  • Multiple accounts is not allowed
  • No investors should pay for any charge or fee ask by he/her sponsor kindly contact [email protected]
  • "Reinvestments" or "deposits" from account balance is only allowed two consecutive times in a row. An investor shall withdraw or top-up their account with funds after two consecutive periods of reinvestments/deposits from account balance.
  • Deposit(s) below the minimum investment amount "$50 USD" is or are considered invalid and therefore, would not be credited to the concomitant investor or investors' account.

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